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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Style Watch...Chuntaro Style

Chuntaros, Paisas, Vaqueros, Beaners...whatever you wanna call em, they have a unique style all their own that can no longer be ignored. You might see these urban cowboys in any Mexican neighborhood in the United States, rocking a Sombrero hat, a flashy belt buckle and cowboy boots made from some sort of exotic hide (ostrich, eel, crocodile or dog are the most common). This style of dress may seem innocent enough, but we have dug deep into the underbelly of the Chuntaro world and what Kenny Bloggins has uncovered might shock you.

In this edition of the Kenny Bloggins Style Watch, we unearth and expose the Chuntaro Style to all you pinche gringos and gringas.

Classic Chuntaro Style


Los Play Boys dont play...




Big Pimpin'

 Botas Monster


Baby Chunt- Louis boots.


The hot seat

Red Chespirito dolphin snouts.


New shit! BMW Jetta

Oye Reina!!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maradona World Cup Mexico 1986

 Since World Cup 2010 is only a couple days away, its only fitting to take this time to look back at one of the most controversial goals in World Cup history. Maradona's Hand of God goal in the Argentina vs. England match of the 1986 World Cup made him one of the most hated men in England at the time. This illegal "handball" goal was missed by the refs and was followed by another amazing Maradona goal in which he dribbled past 5 opposing players to score and solidify their win over England, sending them to the next round and eventually becoming champions of the world.....COCAINE IS A HELL OF A DRUG!!!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poor Roger