Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ipath welcomes fellow gorilla Steve Nesser to the team....get pitted!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Johnny Rad and The Air Jordans

 Holy Shit, i forgot how fresh Johnny Rad was...one of the original Skate Rockers. OG as fuck.   Here's transcripts from his appearance in The Search for Animal Chin...

 "Welcome to the Blue Tile Lounge. I'm your host, Johnny Rad!!! It ain't no fool to be this cool. I'd like to welcome all you wall jammers out there. I don't know if you knew this, but this is a sk8 & destroy party. Just sold over a hundred records!! Urethane baby!! Yeah! Lemme tell you guys something. First of all, no one's more into finding Animal Chin than the Rad-Man. Now, that's the bottom line. There's something you guys gotta know. If you look too hard for Animal Chin, you're never gonna find him. You gotta relax, and enjoy your skating. Think about that. Alright, young dudes!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where are they now? Maurice Key

Maurice Key was one of my favorite skateboarders from the 90's . Butter steez and fresh hood swag, this fool killed it. After the Credo vid, homeboy was ghost on skate circuit. Maurice's buttery-ness lives on though in tube vids and the rare VHS copies of Credo and Trilogy.

Monday, March 15, 2010


For more herbal epicness, peep the Dank Nuggzz blog right now.

More TimTim Greatness

Speaking of TimTim, heres a photo of a half naked floozy holding one of his old Popwar models. Smell ya later...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Chad TimTim

I jacked this vid off the homie Ricki the Dudes blog...a little edit he did of timtim. My Boy Chad is the truuuuuth!!!

Get Zorched in Nicaragua

Round up of flicks shot in Nicaragua while on our last trip to Managua for Chico Brenes Central Skate shop demo. Get Zorched!!!

No Homo

3rd World machete grip tape job.

The perfect man, cast in a perfect blue light

Nicaraguan 2Pac

Street Pee Wee's


Steppin' Out

The Good Life with Rojo

Gringos back tats

Long walks on the beach

Steady Eatin' Crew approved

Concerned Citizens

Big ups to Chico and the Brenes family for their hospitality.

Seperated At Birth?

Turtle Boy Nicaragua VS. Jose Rojo's Costco card photo.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Give Me My Money Chico

Lrg's first full length skateboarding video is set to drop March 31st in Los Angeles... heres newest trailer filmed by AC LeStroke and edited by Creepy Kyle.

World Premiere: Give Me My Money Chico Trailer from LRG on Vimeo.