Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kho Tao Thailand

Kho Tao is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. It has no sidewalks, no skatepark, no smooth cement, and absolutley nothing to skate. PERFECT!! We came here to break up the trip and get a little R&R. Drinkin coconuts in a hammock while gettin a foot massage... nuff said. Kho Tao is the shit.

Home Base

Caught a bad one

Hip Hop Palm tree

Jack Mehoff....represent

Adelmo Jr.
"Jah Bless this beautiful view bruddah"

Island necessites with Mr. Fatback himself.
Loot cakes and sunscreen.

Crew Deep


Driving with Mr. Curtin

Roll call at the Hooker Bar.

Tx, always ridin dirty. 3rd world represent.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Animal Style in Chaing Mai

Over its 514,000 square miles, Thailand contains about 10 percent of the world's animals. In fact, Thailand is home to more than 285 mammal species and 925 species of birds. Thats 300 more bird species than are found throughout all of Europe. In this post, we highlight the 3 wildest animals of them all, Thug monkeys, elephants, and Lert Saeri.

Protect your neck.

Cute and cuddley? More like thuggish and trife.

tryin to be hard, moments before this monkey bit a hole in this jacket.

TX told me that if he ever drops a hip hop album, that this would be his album cover.
Thug Elephant.

This is by far, the wildest animal in all of Thailand. He is commonly known throughout Chaing Mai as Lert Saeri. This fool will drink and smoke you under the table all night, then be the first one killin it at the spot the next day. Preduce finest, thai style!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bangkok Thailand

Tuk Tuk Style

Fuck ya Brah!!

No trip to Thailand is complete without a Bug Cart sighting.

Baby Bladder

The locs stuntin'

Sounds super safe.

MBK- get you shop on

Shark Fin Soup

Dj Craze was spinnin @ RCA Bangkok

This dude Simon put us on the List. This is his store Preduce. Been homies with the Preduce cats for a sec, and they hold it down for BKK. Butter designs, ill skate team, and the best hosts. Preduce Video in the works.

Big ups to Tao....

TX peepin the Thai Yellow Gold situation

Thai Marlboros....makes me happy i quit smokin.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Went to Nicaragua to eat Gallo Pinto everyday, and do a Demo for Chico Brenes new skateshop called Central in Managua. Cheeks was also filming in his motherland for his First Hand which you can catch on Fuel TV on March 9th. Dont be a dumbass, tune in bitch...

Nica Fam

Cheeks, holdin it down for his Nica fans. Peep the Frankenstein board.

Bucky, photo incentive

Managua Taxi

Disfrute Nike Hot Dogs

Flaming Panther Celica

For the Kids, Luis Tolentino

Big ups to Chico, Central Skateshop, The Brenes Fam, Choco, Calzones, Adrian, and all the Centeral American skaters.


A Message to the only 2 people who read Kenny Bloggins on the regular, sorry for slippin on my updates the last couple of months. I know that you are all losing sleep over the lack of epic updates that Kenny Bloggins is renown for posting, But with the holidays and my battle to stay online via Chinese internet for the past month, shits been a little difficult. Anyways, come back next year at this time for my next update.............Rumple Dodeskin