Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Salad Days with Little Dunny

As the salad days of summer in Long Beach are finally a wrap, we take take a moment to look back on Listen's own Evan Smith as he closed out the summer at Tent City. Being the old bitter has-beens that we are, we lived vicariously through young Evan this summer, and probably encouraged him to do some things his mother wouldnt approve of. So momma Smith, if your reading this, Evan was in good hands and made it back home to Pittsburg alive and harm, no foul......
Straight off the plane to tent city.

Any summertime visit to California isnt complete without a trip to the beach. Lil Dunion feeling it.

Tablerock is the butters.

No room in the front, the young bucks gotta pay dues. Burrito roll, bed ride from the beach.

Rolling with youngsters has its drawbacks. When it comes to nightlife, your limited to hanging out in arcades, heated games of Connect 4, or sitting in the house and watching TV. Borrrinng!! We told young Dunion that the big boys had to go to the bar and cop some drinks, and that he was assed out and must stay home and watch Cartoons. Needless to say, Young Dunny found his way to the bar and managed to sneak in.

All was well until he started tryin to hollar at Steffs girl Pearl and actin' a fool..... Time for bed baby Evan.

Next day it was off to Hoochi and Armbays crib to skate their miniramp. Hoochi was dipped out in his Barcelona kit as usual and was in extra high spirits as they had just won. Hoochi kills it on the mic, and reps LB to the fullest. Armbay and Hoochi, good peeps.

Brian Brown blessed us with a visit straight outta NYC. Ray was there too, but left his board in someones car, so he just sat and played guitar for like 3 hours straight.

The crew holdin it down at the God Hour.

Evan got butter scoop airs

Vern doin what he does best, hating, filming, and talkin shit. Vernon is the illest.

Evan always has the harshest griptape job. At first glance you might think that there is no real rhyme or reason to his busted ass kit. But in reality, Evan is on some new and improved grip shit and enlightens us on his rig.

Ray scaring old ladies

Bitches love young Dunion. Baby Love and Sharpie tats

Putting them hoes to sleep.

A Long Beach staple is Pho at Hong Phat. Especially, after a hard night of drinking. Stay tuned for Raymundo's Top 10 Pho spots in LB blog update, coming next week.

Another beautiful end to a lovely LB day. Brian knows Cali is the shit, but his East Coast hate, will never let him admit it. This chapter in the book of Tent City was probably one of the funnest. Hope you had fun young Dunion. See you next summer.