Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The Dude was talkin shit on my blog last night at Bradfords Bday Party, sayin that i shouldnt pull already blogged comedy and repost it when i have nothing else to update. Sorry dude, i wasnt aware of the rules of blogdom. So anyways, i deleted all the shit The Dude thought was wack, and put this completely original photo up, shot by me in Australia. Love u Dude, no homo.


  1. I think your blog is fine as it is. Dude should get his own damn blog...

  2. Wow thanks Gee. Way to make me look like a dick.
    Oh and Gannon322, before you assume someone doesn't have a blog you should do some research.
    I got a blog.
    Blog wars.
    Love you Rob, no homo

  3. hahhahaha!!!!
    im just fuckin around dude. lemme get the link to your video so i can post it on my shit. that shit is fresh