Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekend with Lenny Rivas

Kenny Bloggins kicked it pretty hard with Lenny Rivas and the rest of the KAYO family over the Tampa Pro Weekend. Impressed with his on the board and off the board coonery, we felt it only right to document a weekend in the life of the ole Lenster, as he made the rounds in Ybor City.
"Holla at cho boyeeee!"

"Whuuut up Daaaawwg?"

Pressin the flesh with best trick winner and Pool thug, Javier Nunez

Tbone and Lenny???!! Wing night.

Pensyl, Curtin, Chunky Al Qaeda, Strubs, Lenster.

The OG Westside and some sort of Skate Mafia hand sign bastardization.

Jack Curtin, pre vomit.

Gentry and Lenny??!!

Ladies love me , girls adore me...

Backside Tail Slide

Backside 180 pole jam


Just like he was in TJ for spring break, Lenster hops on the bar and gets his groove on .

Keepin it Dirty and Ghetto. Jack and Lenny close out the night with dirt throwing battle. Keep it really Real!!

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