Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Paisa Corner

There are many different meanings for the word Paisa; from a countryman, to a person born in Medellin Colombia, but my all time favorite use of the the word, comes directly from the Urban Dictionary, and describes a certain type of Mexican below:

Its the American equivalent to being a hillbilly or redneck. With that being established, we bring to you the latest in "Paisa" technology and entertainment. Accordion Hero is sweeping the barrio faster than the Palatero man and his jimaica pops. The object of the game is similar to Guitar Hero, where you must hit all the notes as they appear on the screen and make your "squeeze o' meter" hit the red. That's when your paisa points really start maximizing. Its great fun for the whole family, a good gift for quinceaneras or a entertaing way for you and your crew to break up the monotony during halftime of the Chivas futbol game.

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