Sunday, February 8, 2009


Went to Nicaragua to eat Gallo Pinto everyday, and do a Demo for Chico Brenes new skateshop called Central in Managua. Cheeks was also filming in his motherland for his First Hand which you can catch on Fuel TV on March 9th. Dont be a dumbass, tune in bitch...

Nica Fam

Cheeks, holdin it down for his Nica fans. Peep the Frankenstein board.

Bucky, photo incentive

Managua Taxi

Disfrute Nike Hot Dogs

Flaming Panther Celica

For the Kids, Luis Tolentino

Big ups to Chico, Central Skateshop, The Brenes Fam, Choco, Calzones, Adrian, and all the Centeral American skaters.


  1. that's sick! i remember at the skate more premiere i asked Chico if he was ever gonna go film out there, and that my family's house out there has some nice spots around, rad to hear he's gonna get some sweet Nicaragua footy!

  2. theres alot of spots over there. Thats the 2nd time i been there with him and we keep finding new stuff. You need to watch his first hand, its sick. Real nica style...

  3. hey im in managua right now and im gonna stay 2 months, really wanna skate and really wanna find that shop! where is it? is there any places where all the skaters go? boring skating by yourself..