Monday, February 23, 2009

Animal Style in Chaing Mai

Over its 514,000 square miles, Thailand contains about 10 percent of the world's animals. In fact, Thailand is home to more than 285 mammal species and 925 species of birds. Thats 300 more bird species than are found throughout all of Europe. In this post, we highlight the 3 wildest animals of them all, Thug monkeys, elephants, and Lert Saeri.

Protect your neck.

Cute and cuddley? More like thuggish and trife.

tryin to be hard, moments before this monkey bit a hole in this jacket.

TX told me that if he ever drops a hip hop album, that this would be his album cover.
Thug Elephant.

This is by far, the wildest animal in all of Thailand. He is commonly known throughout Chaing Mai as Lert Saeri. This fool will drink and smoke you under the table all night, then be the first one killin it at the spot the next day. Preduce finest, thai style!!!

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